Two ‘Grinches’ Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Christmas Presents From Foster Kids! – Perez Hilton

Joseph Betancourt and Marie Bennett probably won’t be carving any roast beast this holiday season.

The California duo were arrested on Friday and are facing multiple charges after police say they stole Christmas gifts meant for foster children.

According to the Red Bluff Police Department, the 24-year-old man and 40-year-old woman were booked in connection to a burglary at Children First Foster Family Agency office in Red Bluff.

Around 10:51 a.m. Friday, staffers at the non-profit agency reported the burglary that took place sometime during the previous night, in which a large amount of toys set aside as holiday gifts for foster children were stolen from the building. 

After reviewing surveillance footage of the scene, the responding officer determined the suspects had entered and exited through a residence next door. The officer then located the suspects that matched the footage inside the residence; they were identified as Betancourt and Bennett — or, as police are calling them, the “Grinches” of Red Bluff. 

The Grinches of Red Bluff were cuffed on the scene and later booked at the Tehama County Jail on charges of trespassing, conspiracy, and burglary.

Thankfully, police were able to recover the stolen prezzies. The Red Bluff Police Department posted a photo of the haul on its Facebook

The post read:

RBPD saves Christmas from two Grinches! … Today 12/06/2019 at 10:51am the Red Bluff Police Department received a call from staff at Children First FFA regarding a burglary that occurred sometime during the night before. A large amount of toys that were being held there for children for Christmas presents were taken. After reviewing surveillance the officer established the suspects were coming and going from the residence next door. Officers located the subjects inside that matched video surveillance. Both subjects were arrested and taken to the Tehama County Jail. These “Grinches” will not be stealing Christmas from the kids on our watch.”

Not today, Grinches!

Betancourt and Bennett’s bail is currently set at $50,000 each, according to Tehama County Jail records.

It’s not clear if the Grinches have attorneys at this time, nor if their hearts have grown in size since the arrest.

[Image via Red Bluff Police Department/Random House]

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