These Stories About Broken Things Prove That Human Empathy Has No Limits

One could easily argue that empathy is our, as human kind’s, defining characteristic. Although studies show that certain other species posses this feature, empathy in humans is, perhaps, the easiest to recognize. And it’s no wonder that we understand and relate to each other, with vast majority understanding not only a fellow human’s, but also a puppy’s or baby elephant’s misery. However, we rarely think of how we actually relate to and perceive suffering in inanimate objects. It’s, perhaps, most apparent in the way children treat their dolls and plush toys, but it also extends to other items. People of Tumblr shared some stories of how they treat broken things and it’s absolutely fascinating as well as… relatable? Scroll down to read what they had to say and tell us what you think! (Facebook cover image: Daniel Morrison)

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