Guy Revives a 1971 Hot Wheels Car from the Dead

Watch baremetalHW revive a Hot Wheels 1971 Bye-Focal from the dead in this strangely satisfying video. The end result is pretty impressive! Read more:

Groups Allege YouTube Is Violating Law That Protects Kids

A coalition of more than 20 child-health, privacy, and consumer groups is asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether YouTube is violating a federal law designed to protect children on the internet. The groups are expected to file a complaint with the FTC on Monday. The relevant federal law, the Children's Online Privacy Protection…

I watched 1,000 hours of YouTube Kids content and this is what happened

Seems weird that no one has mentioned Orbeez to me before

Life is a series of crushing disappointments, and this is no exception: I have recently learned that Orbeez, which are tiny, absorbent polymer balls that expand to 100 times their original size when wet, and which YouTube personalities love to purchase by the millions and pour into pools, have existed for years. And none of…