Mom Gives Birth To Healthy Baby, Then Grandma Looks In Between Newborns Legs To See The Gender

Kyle and Danielle Williams thought they had it all figured out back in 2015. Danielle was certain that she would give birth to a happy, healthy baby girl.

An ultrasound revealed the gender around four months into her pregnancy. The entire family gathered pink clothing and toys to welcome the tiny tot into the world.

Then Danielle gave birth. Doctors handed the mom a tiny newborn, but there was something a little unexpected: the child was a boy.

“I was shocked, to say the least,” Danielle told Inside Edition.

But her reaction did not compare to grandma’s. Grandma went to change the little one’s diaper, but when she spotted what was between baby’s legs, she was in awe.

“Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed. “You guys are not joking!”

Everyone in the family was stunned. How could doctors have gotten this completely wrong?

“We were told it wasn’t the best picture when she printed it for us, but she assured us she saw at the very beginning of the ultrasound that it was in fact a baby sister for our daughter,” Kyle said of the ultrasound.

Sonogram images can be blurry; incorrect gender determinations occur more often than people think.

“I kept looking back and forth to my wife, not saying anything to her. She frantically asked me, ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong?’ and all I could say to her was, ‘Well, there’s a bit of a surprise,’” Kyle recalled.

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