Little Girl Invites Friends To Birthday Party, Then They Show Up With Groceries Instead Of Gifts

Rachel Pearson of Petal, Mississippi, didn’t have atypical birthday this year. When she turned 11 years old, she had a very unexpected request for all her friends. Thankfully, they came through and made her special day even more meaningful.

She asked that her close friends bring groceries and other kinds of supplies to her birthday party instead of the usual toys, games, and clothes that most kids receive. She asked this with a very particular mission in mind.

In the video below, Rachel explains, “People don’t realize how much they have until they see someone that’s lost everything and I wanted to let them know that I care and I’m praying for them.”

Rachel planned to collect all the canned goods, toiletries, and other supplies she received on her birthday and donate everything to the victims of January’s EF3 tornado that ravaged the southern United States.

The birthday girl and her mom, Virginia, took the supplies to the Petal Children’s Task Force so that their collection of goods could be distributed to those who needed them.

“We were very proud of her. She’s always had a very great compassionate and caring heart for others, and so this made us even more proud of her,” Virginia says.

Demaris Lee, the executive director of the PCTF, boasts about her generous donor.

“We’re just overwhelmed to see she’s 11 years old. She’s thinking about others and not just herself,” Lee says. “Because, you know, a lot of children at that age, you always want your own presents, but she was thinking outside, thinking of other people. And it was just an honor to know that they wanted to bring us supplies.”

Hopefully Rachel’s selfless deed will inspire other kids her age to do the same.

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