Hospital Gives Preemie Hippo A Stuffed Animal That Looks Like Her, Then They Become Inseparable

When Fiona the tiny brown hippo was born, she didn’t expect to become an overnight sensation.

The small baby hippo was born sixweeks early in the Cincinnati Zoo and, as a preemie, she needed intensive around-the-clock care to stay healthy and grow.

She gained fans and followers, who watched every documented moment of the preemie hippo’s journey, from her feeding sessions to her first bath.

Now, a nearby children’s hospital is rewarding the little fighter with a special surprise.

In the video below, posted on February 3, 2017, Fiona the preemie hippo receives a large NICU package from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, similar to the ones they give their own clients after their stays.

The massive surprise care package contains acustom-made book, a few superhero capes, a pacifier, and a large stuffed hippo about the size of Fionaherself.

Since the baby hippo is a preemie, just like their clients, and lives so close to the hospital, it only madesense to provide Fiona with an NICU care package too.

To take a look at the care package for yourself and to see how Fiona takes to all her surprise goodies, especially her new stuffed hippo toy, check out the video below!

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